Here’s my first dungeon starter: Kali-Ma of the brittle beauties.

Here’s my first dungeon starter: Kali-Ma of the brittle beauties.

Here’s my first dungeon starter: Kali-Ma of the brittle beauties.

Will you be able to take its treasures away, before the vulcano erupts?

All the critics are well appreciated – feel free to comment.

Thanks to Jason Augustyn Dungeon starter template!

9 thoughts on “Here’s my first dungeon starter: Kali-Ma of the brittle beauties.”

  1. Minor front note, “Kali-Dhei erupts” is a Danger not a Grim Portent (those are the steps in the Danger). And DW tends to use “Impending Doom” not “Dark Future”.

    Not trying to pick nits, if you intended to reword it that’s totally cool.

  2. I’ve never come across anything labelled pyroclastic rain before. You might be thinking of volcanic bombs which are red hot gobs of lava and rock fragments. Small fragments say under an inch cool faster and are uncomfortable and dangerous without head protection, up to say 2 inches deal significant damage, and larger bombs destroy buildings and set fires.

    The volcanic dust is also a significant hazard, razor sharp microscopic fragments can cause significant lung damage but it won’t kill you immediately.

  3. thanks! The storm is AWESOME.

    Now there is no more pyroclastic rain, but:

    -A storm of ashes, smoke, tiny bits of obsidian.It hurts to breathe. You can’t see through it, but, oh, how the tempest sparkles from above!

    – Red hot globs fall from above! CRUSH! 

    (The idea of a blind storm is really nice – it impedes to see – but you can mix up character ad rivals – use better the fire dancer illusions – and, of course, make the Cinder Taken even scarier.)

  4. I played this with four players for a one-shot today. It worked really well, and we had fun! Thank you! 🙂 One improvement suggestion: Demand that the memory lost to the balm-that-cures-all-burns is a significant one, and not just what you had for breakfast yesterday. Perhaps that the character forgets something about another character and has to write a bond about it?

  5. Wow, that is awesome! May i ask you to tell me a little bit more about how it played out? 

    In my mind, the “erasure” of a memory was meant to be beneficial. “All burns”, in this case, meant also pain coming from love, lost ones, or a terrible past. 

    This said, “significant memory” or, even better – “painful memory” works awesomely. 

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