4 thoughts on “My first attempt at a DW Adventure.”

  1. Awesome work! I like the creepiness of a familiar village setting. 🙂 I have two suggestions: Adding general questions for PCs that implicate them in the adventure would help, and if the only solution is in fact stopping the author, I would add the multiple ways players could find out about him. That’d help this be more table-ready for a GM, in my opinion!

  2. Tim B Thanks for the feedback. I will try to add in some questions directed at the players in the future. As for the author, I wanted to leave it opened ended as the PCs could handle him in anyway. I just wanted to communicate that he would become hostile if the PCs tried to forcefully remove him or his book or if they forcefully prevent him from writing in the book. I guess that could be covered in his instincts

  3. This seemed pretty neat. You left the monsters and setting open to interpretation so it could be plugged into just about any game. I didn’t see the whole author thing coming either. In the impressions I liked the objects like baking bread and smokin pipes. I would personally

    Provide something to do inside the town as it seems the first thing people would do would go into the manor. Maybe make the manor surrounded by a hedge maze of make the almond tree farm a maze. It could keep shifting as the writer is changing his mind.

    That or do this with the manor. Like a custom move set. Walk into a room it’s empty and a fire burns at the fireplace. You step back out and the hallway is decorated vastly different and maybe it’s snowing outside. Give all these strange hints so that when they find the author there is an AHA moment.

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