16 thoughts on “I’m curious what everyone thinks of Grim World?”

  1. The classes in grim world all have unique playstyles though they trend crunchier than the core book. The rest of the book is largely flavor but it’s a good flavor. Good if you like grit and gore, and/or want a DW analog of D&D 4e’s warlord, or a bender class.

  2. PS: I love the ideas behind all the classes in the book, and the monsters, I pretty much love the whole book, but I have tried to use the classes in about four games and they’ve never satisfied both sides of the (theoretical) GM screen.

  3. I found Grim World to be a worthy addition to my table. The “death moves” idea is fantastic, and I’m personally very fond of the flavor. My group really enjoyed it as well.

  4. Lot of talk about this on Discern Realities #3 (http://discernrealities.libsyn.com/episode-3) and The Gauntlet 3,4,5 & 7 (http://gauntletpodcast.libsyn.com/page/2/size/25). General consensus was that it was fun as a kind of one-off but does not dovetail with Dungeon World very well. The death moves can cause chain reactions that get a little silly, but can be fun. Some of the info in the book, such as the race moves, make the book worth owning even if you just intend to strip mine it for Dungeon World.

  5. Chalice In Chains sorry for the delayed response…I just remembered that we have a Grim World Shaman in one of my home games and it is excellent. As for overall value…your mileage may vary.

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