3 thoughts on “The Hateful Whomever”

  1. I’ve been struggling to find a prep system that works for me, but after reading this example and the referenced material, I put it to work for me.

    Tonight I ran a game using this method, working it into our ongoing campaign. I also flat out stole the rope bridge scene, which ended up being a riot. My players enjoyed it and I will be using this method again in the future. Thanks for posting!

  2. Awesome!

    The fun fact section is really useful for those who may get stuck in answering a “spout lore” roll. Consider making one also for the old rope bridge and long icy path. 

    Nitpick: on the “when you resist to the gaze of the cold lady…” custom move, the firt option should read: You ARE dazed and confused (-1 to all rolls.)

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