Hello, Tavern!

Hello, Tavern!

Hello, Tavern! I’ve thrown a few versions of my sorcerer playbook up over the last year, so this isn’t totally new — but I have done another round of extensive tweaking and polish. I threw it up on DriveThruRPG (for free) as a way to keep it in one spot.

The latest changes do two things: reduce the reliance on vanilla hireling rules in favor of simpler commands for familiars; and approach the design as a trio of Class Warfare-style specialties, which keeps the class from feeling one-trick-pony.

I’m usually the DM for my Dungeon World games so I still haven’t gotten a chance to play this, but I’d love to hear any feedback.


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  1. The DriveThruRPG page has a summary of the six files, so I’m cheating and reposting it here:

    * A 2 page ready-to-print class playbook PDF

    * A 9 page full class PDF in the style of the Dungeon World core book

    * A 9 page class insights PDF with tips and exploration on what it means to build and play as the sorcerer

    * Three compendium class PDFs — the spellslinger, the worldwaker, and the pariah — formatted in the style of specialties from Johnstone Metzger’s Class Warfare supplement

  2. This all looks really cool, but I’m having trouble with drivetthrurpg: I can’t get past checkout. This issue has come up with other free resources I’ve tried to get from there in the past.  Is there a way I can get it from somewhere else? Has anybody encountered this before?

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