Here’s a for fun opener.

Here’s a for fun opener.

Here’s a for fun opener.

In the haunted woods, your party is currently engaged in battle with a rival group of treasure hunters who are trying to steal your recently acquired artifact. Tell me:

1. What is the artifact?

2. Why is it important?

3. Which member of the rival group do you fear the most?

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  1. Go further.

    1. What is the artifact and what would this long-time enemy gain control over to change the tides of war in their favor?

    2. What NPC ally did you just kill to get this artifact who would have otherwise delivered it to your enemy had you let them go?

    3. I like this one.. but make the group tell you why. What power do they have that you fear most? Why is their weapon named the Bonebreaker? Who was close to you that you have seen die at the hands of this enemy?

    You can use leading questions to give you a nicer chunk of meat for your Fronts and overall story arcs.

  2. 1. The artifact is a statuette of an emaciated man that glows purple in the presence of unlife.

    2. The artifact is important to determine if the Queen is unlife.  If unlife, she can be cured with a special potion that would normally kill a living being.  She is currently held in a prison due to her usurper nephew.

    3. The rival group is led by a priest of the Demon Cult.  If the queen dies (one way or another), war will break out in the valley and the blood of thousands will resurrect the Champion of Bones.  The priest, however, can’t start the ritual without the royal blood of unlife.  The more bones the priest collects in the heat of battle, the more powerful he becomes.

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