Crypt Thing (Solitary, Stealthy, Construct)

Crypt Thing (Solitary, Stealthy, Construct)

Crypt Thing (Solitary, Stealthy, Construct)

Teleports, 16 HP

Close, Far

Special Qualities: Undead 

A crypt thing is a kind of undead guardian that is built to watch over a particular site or object and deal with intruders in a nonlethal manner. The creature appears as nothing more unusual than a skeletal figure in tattered robes. When active, its eyes glow with a fierce red light. A crypt thing exists only to guard, and it typically watches over a religious treasure, tomb, or holy site. It normally waits in an alcove or on a chair provided for it. It speaks Common and is willing to converse with those that do not threaten it while it tries to scare away creatures it thinks are easily cowed.

Instinct: Guards

Teleports hostile party

Loves to talk


28 thoughts on “Crypt Thing (Solitary, Stealthy, Construct)”

  1. By implication, I suppose there’s usually someplace nearby that you wouldn’t want to be teleported into.  And the test of defeating it ultimately becomes “can you do 16 points of damage from surprise?”  This sounds fun.

  2. Aaron Griffin The players could suprise it and kill it but why? It only teleports “hostile” parties. I intended it as a pure role playing encounter. Of course, colin roald’s idea is equally valid.

  3. Yeah “Loves to talk” gave it an interesting flavor. Like “Oh hellloooo! It’s been so long since a group of adventurers has come to visit me! How are you? Tell me of the world outside!”

  4. “Ouch guys, that really… OW. Come on!”

    You are teleported away.

    “Oh hey, welcome back. Sorry about the misunderstanding! We got off on the wrong foot I think. Tell me about yourselves maybe and we ca… OW! WHAT THE HELL?”

  5. How does one determine the teleport location? Is it to another area previously explored, a new location, sealed in a Tomb, back in time as in the weeping angels?

  6. It would also be pretty awesome to have the Crypt Thing as the door guard for the whole dungeon, so the object isn’t to defeat it exactly, but just to get past it.  “Stop fiddling with that door, Dave. I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t let you do that.”

  7. Man, I can’t stop thinking about this thing.  It would also be awesome if the party befriends Crypt Thing and talks it into teleporting them to places they want to go.  “Hey, it’s been great catching up.  Think you could send us to Ishak Vast this time?”  “Promise you’ll find out what the White Necromancer’s doing with all the snakes for me?”  “Will do, buddy.”

  8. colin roald Except he’s a lying liarton, so every time you hang out with him you have to endure his total bullshit.

    “Hey, great to see you guys! Man, you know who was just here? Vecna! I shit you not!  We, like went to wizarding academy together. You totally should of been here, it would have been epic.”

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