Hey Guys

Hey Guys

Hey Guys,

I just made Characters with some friends of mine for our new DW-Session. I only got two Players but they are really excited to play.

We Decided that both are elves and Siblings from an ancient Elven Race called the Lightelves which are the only real heroes in this world and are really really old (one Character is 800 Years the other 900 Years old) And are born through a ritual performed by other Lightelves from pure light for a specific purpose. One of them is a Fighter but want to Multiclass as Druid and Immolator later. His purpose is the Voice of the first Flame (an intelligent Relic which burns everyone but him who comes to close)

The other is a Bard whichs Purpose is to find old Songs and Storys and teach them to the Other Lightelves, she has a ancient Songbook as her instrument. She wants to multiclass as Thief and Wizard later.

They are living on a Forrest-plateau near an ancient Vulcan and find out that everywhere but in their home the World is pretty much frozen and Summer doesnt exist anymore.

So they are relatively inexperienced but potentially really powerful and i wanted to build some moves to reflect their heritage. Something they can use to “show off” maybe.

My first thought was something like an ability to call their intelligent horses. It would look something like this:

When you Sing the Song of the Winds under the Stars to call your Eldrani Horses Roll +CH

on a 10+ they arrive in an instant right where you need them.

on a 7-9 Choose one:

– It takes a while until they show up

– They need to be fed (loose two Rations)

– They provoke the local Spirits to come out

Its my first draft. What do you think? Would this be cool?

Do you need more Details? What would you make for Characters like this?