27 thoughts on “Ok Tavern, tell me about DW material you really wish someone would make.”

  1. Index of material for DW with community feedback/evaluation so that someone can pick a certain playbook/module/starter/whatever without the risk of a bad experience at the table because the material is unbalanced, untested, etc. 

  2. Martijn Vellinger no, something like a real index (site, I guess, but some public Gdoc would do maybe…) where you can search by topic (i.e. playbooks/dungeon starter/magic items etc…) and maybe by setting/tone (high fantasy/low fantasy/steampunk/etc…).

    And for each given item, link to where to get it (for free or for a price), links to various reviews if avail. (to G+, to blogs, etc…) and finally a star rating system, i.e.

    5 stars “played and approved by some Big Name for DW”

    4 stars “played and approved by several groups”

    3 stars “played and approved by some”

    2 stars “not tested but looks balanced”

    1 star “advertised by the author as the new take on…”

    Thank you for volunteering to build this for the community! It’s very kind of you! 🙂

  3. I mean you can do a lot of cool psionic things just with reflavoring stuff you do in a thematic way but there are a lot of cool archetypes (and yes I am drawing from 4E DnD a lot here…) that the game doesn’t do so well. 

  4. azlath honestly I cannot say – customers (not users) reviews might be problematic because the material could be bought on a variety of platforms (some are free, some have a price, some are on this site and some on that…). Also, customers reviews might be biased, I assume, with a small user-base.

    So probably the site would have a few moderators/trusted playtesters or reviewers. I assume a mod could add star(s) if a customer/user points out an online actual play or written review that makes sense and is not just a sales pitch or a single playtest from the author.

    But again, I am just a demanding asshole and I wrote that because the original request in this thread did not specify any limit on what we wish for. Getting it, is another story 🙂 

  5. Victor Diaz 

    That doesn’t work though. 

    Dungeon World can’t do Robotech or Final Fantasy and especially not FMA. Dungeon World does DnD type adventure. You can use it for other stuff but the system will always fight you. You can’t just create a class for X and expect that the game will suddenly feel like that.

    Final Fantasy has very different asumptions and tropes than Dungeon World. If the game doesn’t deliver these tropes it feels off and nothing in DW is there to get you to these tropes. 

    DW can easily do Anime DnD with impossible huge swords and all the jumping around but that wouldn’t make it feel like playing FF. 

    You need way more hacking for that. 

    Why should someone give out so much work for free? What you are looking for are different games, not different classes. 

  6. Tim Franzke

    I beg to differ as Final Fantasy has some very basic ingredients, which intersects for the most with basic Dungeon and Dragons.

    Magic. Every FF World has magic.

    Summoning. I believe every FF World has special magic to summon X (Espers, Monsters, etc.pp.)

    Change and Challenge. No FF World is like another before or afterwards and most worlds are on the edge of change because of some terror regime and/or pending catastrophe.

    A few characteristic specimen,  like Chocobos and Moogles.

    Characteristic means of transportation. A boat and an airship can be found in most FF games 😉

    I don’t know… I can’t see the big difference between a group of a fighter, a thief, a black mage and a white mage or a fighter, a thief, a wizard and a cleric.

    And for a DW Final Fantasy setting, I would personally change the Agenda a bit.

    – Portray a fantastic and beautiful World

    – *Drag* the characters’ lives into adventure

    – Play to find out what happens

    The Principles and GM Moves would also need a little nudging, but I believe I made my point 😉 

    [Oh, and Class Warfare holds the key, to the ‘needed’ Playbooks to portray some specials like the Blue Mage]

  7. But when you play DnD you don’t go out of town to grind a few random encounters to get enough gold for the next item bonus. 

    You always hit when you attack (in most games)

    Positioning is super unimportant because people just stand around and then attack (minor thing but it feels different then moving miniatures on a map). 

    Final Fantasy has super long SFX scenes within one combat while DnD has way shorter descriptions. 

    Yes they use some of the same tropes but the sheer fact that they come from very different media creates very different gameplay. 

  8. Grinding is prone to the console gaming character of being a digital game, but not to the theme of Final Fantasy. But even there positioning can be important (if just front and back row…)

    I stand to my point. There are a few things with are important for the feeling, but so has D&D.

    But if you concentrate on the basic ingredients it’s just a group of troublemakers going on an adventure.

  9. It’s absolutely possible to play DW in a final fantasy type world. I’m surprised anyone might think it’s not. You don’t have to simulate the mechanics to emulate the feeling and themes of such settings IMHO.

  10. I’m pretty sure my players at least think of the cutscenes and story over the ever-increasing-numbers-combat.

    Also, something like final fantasy tactics (again, the setting and rich story) would work pretty well in DW

  11. I’d like to see some incidental details the GM can throw in; not complete campaigns but individual interesting rooms or dungeon themes or NPCs or magic items. Something to pick up the slack when the players investigate a new blank spot or win an unexpected victory, or something to spark ideas.

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