I was wondering if anyone has done a hack

I was wondering if anyone has done a hack

I was wondering if anyone has done a hack … Re-imaging… of Everquest in the DW? Some things seem pretty straightforward, but I play to use things like SpellSlots and Mana, a Threat subsystem as well as Trade skills as small Compendium Classes, but things like movement effects on players are tripping me up. Thoughts on how to handle increase speed and snares? just letting them do more before others act seems logical and a defy danger to allow movement… But it seems flat

Edit: I mean  how to handle Speed mods other than pure Holds which are well established in the rules 

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  1. The world setting mostly. It all about the QUESTS!  and of course the rewards that go along with it. Which thanks to Eqmaps, part of the work is already done. Thank you http://www.allakabor.com/eqatlas/

    I have a lot of buy in from the players to stick to this world’s lore and the feel they remember the game to be (ie none of the grinding and spawn camping), which means having a lot of flavor locked in, but major factors of the GAME, like attack speeds and the set effects on magic instead of the swiss army knife it usually is rubs against me.

    Making Bards faster as far as whipping around battlefield is easy. There moves to model after (Indomitable: springs to mind), but a flurry of blows? My default is to just give a damage bonus on such rolls, but I was hoping for more. And while I could make specialized Defy Danger-esque moves for the Conditions, it feels wrong and I fear the amount of time it may consume. My other options is to give set Conditions  for spell effects accompanied by tags to round out the fiction.

    i.e. Spell: Whirl til you Hurl (Enc) The victim of this spell is spun around lightning fast,  becoming disoriented and vomitous. Apply Tag: Dizzy (Debility)

  2. While I utterly love DW and AW, I humbly suggest to choose another system for your Everquest idea. I feel you need more mechanic about “leveling”, “loot” etc.

    When I have to manage those kind of games, and I need a not-so-crunchy system, my choice goes to Savage Worlds (that has nothing to do with the PbtA systems).

    It has good balance between speed in play and crunch, magic is built with “effects”, and you can find tons of professionally realized fan content, so you can steal lot of stuff to enhance your experience.

  3. I’m a big fan of both DW and Savage Worlds, and I agree with the comment above that given your specifics and interest in the mechanics layer that SW would be a better fit for your EQ conversion. Best of luck either way!

  4. Eric Swanson It will try to capture the high action feel that nostalgia focuses on rather than the nitty gritty of the actual mechanics. Exploration and Faction relations will also be key.

    So I guess the better question should have been, how do you make players feel like they are going slower?

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