This is a variation on Arcane Art, designed for an enchanter.

This is a variation on Arcane Art, designed for an enchanter.

This is a variation on Arcane Art, designed for an enchanter. What would be good, simple effects for an enchanter to be able to cast? (No magic missiles, please) I can take a few stronger ones as advanced moves.

You possess a magical staff which you have painstakingly enchanted yourself, describe it! When you draw upon your staff’s power, choose an effect:

• Option 1

• Option 2

• Option 3

• Option 4

Then roll+INT. *On a hit, your desired effect comes to pass. *On a 7–9, choose one:

• You cannot use that effect again until you repair your staff.

• You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.

• You strain yourself, take -1 ongoing to INT until you have a few moments to clear your head.

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  1. 1 An extremely bright light temporarily blinds all who have not taken action to avoid looking towards it.

    2 A booming noise of your choice temporarily drowns out all other sounds, and may frighten and disorientate any not able to understand what is happening.

    3 A large trench opens in the ground from the base of the staff to #near distance.

    4 The staff flies under your control anywhere within #near distance,can carry the weight of a laden humanoid, and may be used as a weapon.

  2. The following might be better for a druid’s staff, but…

    1) The staff absorbs a magical or elemental effect and channels harmlessly (?) into the ground

    2) Rap the staff against a seam or crack in an object or construct, causing it to split and tear as if pried apart by years of growing roots.

    3) Plant the staff firmly in the ground. In a matter of minutes, it sets down roots and grows to be a mighty oak tree. It reverts to staff form at your touch and command.

    4) Gesture upwards with the staff and cause the local vegetation to rise up, ensnare, and restrain up to 1d8 creatures of your choice.

  3. For a craftsman enchanter:

    -imbue an object with supernatural resilience

    -make a simple mechanical object stop working

    -call into being a small amount of an elemental essence (a quart of water, a candle flame, a handful of sand, a rock, an arc of electricity, etc.)

    -bring rust and decay upon an object

    -ask the GM, “who made this object?”

    -bless an ally’s armor, granting +3 armor forward

    For a beguiler of the mind:

    -ask someone, “what do you most desire?”

    -erase a moment from someone’s memory

    -weave an illusion of terror, majesty or disguise

    -project your voice into the mind of someone you can see

    -summon fear, lust or anger into someone’s heart

    -overhear the surface thoughts of someone you can see

  4. These have all been great ideas. Got me thinking of cool ideas myself

    *Levitate an object of a weight no more than 1lb

    *Unlock a lock of simple complexity

    *Cast light on an object within a near range

    *Bolster a friendly creature, +1 forward

    *Change the appearance of your clothing for a short time

    *Your eyes seem better adjusted to the dark. You have vision comparable to that of dark vision for a brief moment.

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