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  1. Really interesting stuff, but I’m a bit in the dark of when and how Consequences are applied?

    The Ring of Hlad is it not better if it said, deal you damage? and not 1D8?


  2. Rasmus wernersen When one of the magic item’s moves says to mark a consequence, the player picks one and it becomes true. How it manifests depends on the choice.

    Some consequences are instantaneous; they happen and its done (an earthquake, for example). Others are instantaneous but have lasting effects (like the ring fusing to flesh and bone).  Others imply a subtle, lasting change (like the way your blood flows like sap).

    You can’t mark a consequence that’s already marked, but some consequences have multiple boxes, meaning they can be marked more than once.

    Does that help?

    As for the damage: that’s an intentional choice, and it mirrors how magic works in core DW. Note how the wizard’s damage die is a d4 when she hacks & slashes or volleys, but it’s 2d4 when she casts magic missile.  Same idea.  Your damage die reflects your skill at arms. When you deal damage with the ring, it’s the ring doing the work.

  3. Cool concept, thanks for The explanation, I think I overlooked where it Said Mark consequence.

    Regarding that damage, I didn’t see the ring as a magic attack because you need to find a spot of flesh to hit with Your fist and you use a modified hack and slash move. Just my two cents.

  4. Sure, I hear you. It’s not triggered with a punch, though. The trigger is “…press it firmly into the flesh of a living thing,” which implies a sustained, almost intimate action.

    If someone wanted to do that in combat, they’d need to set it up fictionally and it’d almost certainly involve a Defy Danger roll to trigger the move at all.  And then they’re rolling +CON to see whether their victim gets to react. It’s a pretty risky move.

    I’d expect that power to get used a lot more as part of a surprise or a trick, or against a helpless foe. 

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