Hey all

Hey all

Hey all

I’m looking to run a game of Jason Lutes’s hack of DW, Freebooter’s on the Frontier. At it’s core it’s still Dungeon World but with more of a OD&D flavour to it. If you’ve been looking for a Dungeon World game about exploration / with a ‘West Marches’ vibe this is it.

You play a group of vagabonds and outcasts trying to get rich quick on the fringes of civilisation. You’ll define the wilderness then march across it in search of the undiscovered treasures that lie within.  

I’ll be looking run a game this weekend sometime suitable on GMT (I’m UK based) using Roll20.

(Special bonus round – if you’re London based I’d love to run a physical session; making maps and rolling dice is always more fun in person).

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  1. Max Perman I’m running a face to face, West Marches style Freebooters campaign right now, and we’re having lots of fun with the rules.  Hope your game goes really well!

  2. David Perry I was thinking Sunday afternoon/evening but I’m pretty flexible. Probably a one-shot but scope to make it a continuous thing.

    Nick Riggs Yeah I have. I’d been thinking about pitching this, but maybe it’s a little rules heavy. Most of the games I’ve played there have tended to be diceless story games.

    John Marron thanks man!

  3. I’ve been playing Freebooters a few time and it’s a real blast – exactly what you’d expect if Dungeon World came in a red box. I might be free on Sunday night if you have room for another player.

  4. I haven’t used Roll20 yet – will it easily allow use of the FotF character sheets?  If not, I’m idly messing around with character creation and have made some Google Draw-ings of the sheets that could be re-used.

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