Eldritch Bagpipe

Eldritch Bagpipe

Eldritch Bagpipe

Unhappy with their lot in life, they joined the Church of Endless Unions and sought to barter with the Dark. But when the time came, and the gate was opened, their god’s children poured forth like a tidal wave of leeches, and devoured the congregation.

Now, helpless and fused with the Children, they exist in torment. Their vocal cords plied by the foul vapours the Children blow into their lungs; a maddening chorus to the unnameable Dark.

Eldritch Bagpipe.

group , terrifying , planar , medium

Tentacle lash (D10+2 damage)

Piercing screech (D6 damage, ignores armor

Noxious vapour (D6 damage, ignores armor , poison )

Special qualities: Induces insanity


To play forever the song of their master


– Shuffle mindlessly

– Vomit forth a giant cloud of horrible vapours

– Strangle and constrict with tentacles

– Play a mind-shattering song of unspeakable madness

(I was a tad bored at work, so I scribbled this little nasty into my notebook. Sorry for the potato quality picture)

EDIT: Cleaned it up, you can find the clean one here: http://i.imgur.com/rPFyXiB.jpg

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  1. Great stuff, really gruesome. One note is that moves really shouldn’t be “try to” this or that. They should be actions, not attempts. “Strangle and constrict with tentacles”, there is no try.

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