I’ve tried to make a playbook for my #DungeonWorld #Mystara campaign.

I’ve tried to make a playbook for my #DungeonWorld #Mystara campaign.

I’ve tried to make a playbook for my #DungeonWorld #Mystara campaign. It takes place in #Karameikos, and all the characters are Traladareans. They are a people who resemble our worlds Slavs. Traladareans are the native people of the land, but the ruling class are mostly Thyatians who came as traders/colonists ca 100 years ago, or came with Grand Duke Stephan Karameikos’ invasion ca 30 year ago.

Halav, Petra and Zirchev are the patron Immortals (gods) of the Traladareans.

I would very much like and appreciate your comments.


Traladara is no longer a nation, but it is still a people, an idea, a battlecry. The day will come when Traladara again will be proud and free of Thyatian oppression.

You are a Traladarean, one of a proud but downtrodden people, and a champion for your clan. If this land had still been Traladara you would have been a noble. But since it is now The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and there are by and large only Thyatians in possitions of power, you are in a delicate situation. You are a respected knight among Traladareans, but Thyatians see you at best as a poor knight errant, or perhaps more often, as a dangerous rebel, or anything in between.

Since the Marilenev upprising there are even one or two Traladarean clans who have turned coat and sided with the Thyatians.

What will you choose when you are put to the test?


Bogumir, Radomirez, Vladimir, Peresvet, Nikita, Svyatoslav

Iljana, Nadja, Radmila, Svetlana


Blue-eyed, Sceptical gaze, Thousand yard stare, Angry eyes

Braided hair, Red hair, Pointed helmet, Bristling beard, Shoulderlong hair.

Traditional clothes, Travelworn clothes, Once fine clothes

Athletic build, Broad shoulders, Well fed, Tall and straight.


Maximum HP is 10+Constitution

Base damage is d10

Starting Moves

You are Traladarean, so you start with this move:

My fathers uncle’s cousin twice removed

Wherever you travel in Karameikos there are someone you are related to who will take you inn and give you shelter and food. Even if there is a warrant out on you. If you stay more than two-three days, or if you bring friends with you, you will be expected to provide a service or gift in return.

You start with theese moves

My Clan, my Honor

You are born into a Traladarean clan. Before Grand Duke Stephan Karameikos came, the largest clans were the proud nobility of Traladara. Now they are reduced to landowning farmers, traders or rebels. Name your clan!

It can be one of the large clans (Radu, Torenscu, Marilenev, Sulescu, Nikelnevich, Vandevich, Moubotka, Artho), or one of the many small.

Choose two ambitions for your clan:

Freedom, Political Power, Wealth, Honor, Land, Safety and stability, Survival, Traladarean independence, Military strenght.

Choose one strategy your clan employ to achieve its ambitions:

Rebellion, Intrigue, Organized crime, Support the poor and weak, Trade, The Traladarean church, Alliance with the Thyatians, Dark magick.

When you go to, or send notice to your clan and ask for help that is in line with your clans ambitions and strategy you will recieve help, one way or another. Roll+Cha. 10+, choose 3, 7-9 choose 2. 6- The gm pick one.

– Bolster, take 3 preparation. Describe with a few words what constitutes the preparation.

– An item you need, or that they think you need.

– 3 loyal hirelings

– Information you seek

– A mission that will bring honor to you and your clan.

– The ear of a powerful person

– A visit from a bishop

– You do not owe anybody a huge favor for this help

– No one of the clan leaders view you as a threat or enemy.

By the word of Halav

When you give an NPC an order based on your position and authority, roll+Cha. On a 7+, they choose one:

– Do what you say.

– Back away cautiously, then flee.

– Attack you.

On a 10+, you also take +1 forward against them. On a miss, they do as they please and you take –1 forward against them.

You have a horse

Give it a name! Choose a base:

Discipline +1, Cunning +1, Instinct +1

Discipline +2, Cunning +1, Instinct +2

Discipline +1, Cunning +2, Instinct +2

Choose as many strengths as its Discipline:

Fast, Tireless, Calm, Adaptable, Keen Senses, Quick Reflexes, Huge, Quiet, Beautiful.

The horse is trained to be riden into combat against regular foes (humanoids and riders). Choose as many additional trainings as its Cunning:

– It is not easily starteled

– It doesn’t fear fire

– It can fight monsters

– It can be guided by riders knees (lets you have both your hands free)

– It can jump high obstacles

– It understands simple commands,

– It can attack on its own

– It lays down on command

– It can keep watch

– It can walk in very steep and uneven terrain.

Choose as many weaknesses as its Instinct:

Jumpy, Slow, Stubborn, Has fleas, Allways hungry, Savage, Lazy, Smells bad, Noisy, Ugly.

In addition to carrying you and your gear, the horse has 5 Load


When you ride your horse and you do something its is trained for

– and you charge an enemy, add its Discipline to your damage

– and you trust your horse to take you out of danger, roll+instict

– and you Discern Realities in combat, add its cunning to your roll

– and you try to be stealthy, roll+discipline.

– and someone Interferes with you, add its instict to their roll


Good: Endanger yourself to help those weaker than you.

Lawful: Further your clans interests

Chaotic: Undermine or destroy a symbol of Thyatian oppression.


Your Max Load is strenght+11. You have your horse, chainmail (1 armor, 1 weight), Shield (1 armor, 2 weight), and Dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)

Choose one:

– Horselance (reach, close +1 damage on horse, 2 weight) and Mace (close, 1 weight)

– Longsword (close, +1 damage, 2 weight)

Choose one:

– Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight) and Bandages (0 weight)

– 2 Healing potions (0 weight)


_______ is of the __________ clan which betrayed my clan in the Marilenev uprising. Do they too have traitors blood in their veins?

_______ is my cousin, we must band together and achieve honor for our clan and name.

_______ have Thyatian sympathies, I must watch them carefully.

_______ have stood with/by me against Thyatian oppression, I trust them with my life.

Advanced moves


When you lead the charge into combat with Traladareans by your side, those that follow you take +1 forward.

The Wisdom of Zirchev

When you Spout Lore about Traladarean matters take +1 forward if you act on the information.

The Protection of Petra

You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.

This was your Fathers Lightsaber

One of the elders of your clan honors you by giving you a highly tressured family heirloom. Describe it! The heirloom has magic inn it. Choose a cleric spell, (max level 5). When you hold the heirloom and say a prayer to your ancestors and the three patron Immortals of the Traladareans, the spell is cast. You cannot cast the spell again until you have Made Camp.

The Last Charge of the Light Brigade

When you charge into battle on your horse with a good distance to get up to speed, add the following to your Hack & Slash: +2 damage, 1 piercing, forcefull, reload.

Petra’s Eyes

When you Discern Realities add ”Is there any unclean magic invoked by mortal men present here?”

A Bogatyr’s Best Friend

Choose a new training for your horse.

Halav’s Strenght

When you fight for a just cause, against evil and oppression, you deal +1d4 damage.

Halav’s Courage

When another players character is in danger and asks you to help or defend them, and you do it while endangering yourself, you mark experience.

For Halav, for Traladara, for my Clan!

When you enter battle screaming a battlecry (say it aloud) to incite your allies, roll+Cha. On a 10+, everyone following you gets +1 Hold when they Defend and +1 ongoing to Defend while the battle lasts. 7-9 Everyone following you gets +1 Hold when they Defend.

6-10 level moves

Ever Forward

Replaces: Forward!

When you lead the charge into combat with Traladareans by your side, those that follow you take +1 forward and +2 armor forward.

Return of the Light Brigade

Replaces: The Last Charge of the Light Brigade

When you charge into battle on your horse with a good distance to get up to speed, add the following to your Hack & Slash: +2 damage, 2 piercing, +2 armor, forcefull, reload.

There are some who call me…

Your deeds and actions have given you a reputation. You have gained a byname, such as ”The Fair”, ”Bloodaxe”, ”The Brave”, ”The Red”. Ask your fellow players to give your Bogatyr a byname. When you use your byname to recruit Traladarean Hirelings take +1 to Recruit Hirelings and Order Hirelings. The Hirelings have +1 loyalty. You also get Outstanding Warrants, that happens now, not when you return to the area. Take –1 to Outstanding Warrants.

Halav’s Terrible Strength

Replaces: Halav’s Strenght

When you fight for a just cause, against evil and oppression, you deal +1d8 damage.

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

When you are subject to unclean magic wielded by foul soecerors or witches, that try to affect your mind or your feelings, you may choose to take 1d6 damage (ignores armor), and ignore the filthy magic. Take +1 forward to fight the sorceror or witch.

My Kingdom for a Horse

When you are with your horse and you have to roll Last Breath, you can choose to roll for your horse instead. On a 10+, the horse lives still. Anything else it is dead, an heroic and worthy death, but still dead.

To Me, Brothers and Sisters!

Replaces For Halav, for Traladara, for my Clan! This move is like the one it replaces, in addition: allies who must roll Last Breath in your presence this battle take +1.

Swear by Halav

When you talk with someone, and you think they’re lying, and you say: ”Swear by Halav that it is true!”, and they do it, they can not lie.

Halav’s Test

When you enter battle and see an enemy you want to defeat, roll+Cha. On a hit you and your enemy are in a duel. On a 10+, you do +1d4 damage aginst your enemy. On a miss all opponents see you as the biggest threat that needs to be taken out.

Halav, Give Me a Sign!

When you are full of doubt and don’t know what to do, and you shout out a prayer to Halav, roll+Wis. Halav will give you a sign, it’s up to you to interpret it. On a 10+, the gm will give you a clear sign. On a 7-9 the gm will give you an ambiguous sign.

5 thoughts on “I’ve tried to make a playbook for my #DungeonWorld #Mystara campaign.”

  1. Ok, maybe I should get the discussion going by telling a little bit about the idea behind and the prosess for this playbook.

    We have a Dungeon World campaign set in the old basic D&D setting Mystara, and more precisely in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. The native population in Karameikos are Traladarians. They are based on RW eastern european/slavic peoples.

    And since the premise for our campaign were that all the characters should be Traladarians, (in some extent or other), I wanted to provide a playbook that tapped into that backgrund material, a playbook that felt more genuinely Traladarean than the other playbooks that are based on the classic rpg tropes. Ideally I would have at least three playbooks that leaned on the RW sources, but you got to start somewhere, so…

    I have played other rpgs set in medieval eastern europe – ukraine, and I find the time periode and setting interesting. So I knew that in old ukranian, romatic, storytelling tradition there existed this hero figure, a wandering knight – the Bogatyr. And I thought that could be a good model for a playbook.

    When we come to the mechanical part of making the playbook I had some ideas about giving it moves to draw the setting into the narrative. The move “My Clan, my Honor” is an example of that.

    One of my worries is that the playbook is a bit of a bastard, in that it takes inspiration from many other playbooks. It is obviously a capable fighter, especially mounted. And it has several advanced moves that simulate the Bogatyrs role as a leader and inspirational figure in combat. The moves “You have a Horse”, and “Warhorse” are obviously inspired by the Ranger animal companion. The “My Clan, my Honor” move is modelled on the Cleric moves “Deity” and “Divine Guidance”, but hopefully different enough to be its own thing. It has a couple of moves taken from the Paladin playbook.

    So my concern is that it might be too much of a mashup of fighter, paladin, ranger, cleric and bard. It certanly has elements of all those.

    We haven’t playtested it properly yet, but are in the process of doing so. The other characters, beside from the Bogatyr, are a Ranger and a Bard. So I guess we might see if the Bogatyr steps on the toes of those playbooks.

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