**New to Dungeon World?**

**New to Dungeon World?**

**New to Dungeon World?**

Dungeon World is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.

The game uses the system style of ”Apocalypse World” and the same six ability scores used by D&D (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma).

The character classes are: the Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, and Wizard.

Characters share general moves and gain unique moves from their class.

Like other Powered by the Apocalypse games, actions in Dungeon World are called moves. When a player character makes a move, the player rolls 2d6 (two six sided dice) and adds the appropriate ability modifier. On a result of 10+ the move succeeds without complication. On a result of 7-9 the move partially succeeds or succeeds with a problem, allowing the GM to make a move of their own. On a result of 6 or less the move fails, giving the character XP and allowing the GM to make a move.

**The Campaign**

We start this campaign on a blank page and the narrative gives it life, the world begins to take shape from the moment we start working on the character sheets, (the character backgrounds and motivations are a huge part of the game and let the world feel alive), and continues to evolve with the contribution of the players, making decisions, achieving goals and failing, (roleplaying and working together with the team to achieve goals makes the fun and only imagination is the limit on Dungeon World) .

**GM:** -You see a very dark passage in front of you, you also notice some strange carved marks on the wall, it looks like a weird dialect.

**Zaria (Human Thief):** I look at the marks with a confused expression. – Never seen that marks before! – 

**Thufum (Dwarven Cleric):** – I think i recognize the marks. – I get closer to the marks on the wall. 

**GM:** – Thufum, roll Spout Lore and let’s find out what you know, 2d6 + INT. –

**Player – Thufum (Dwarven Cleric):** /roll 2d6+1  >>  6+5+1= 12 

**GM:** – Thufum, you recognize immediately the marks on the wall. They are writings in the goblin tongue. What you do? –

**Thufum (Dwarven Cleric):** I stroke my beard and i read the writings of the wall to the party.

**GM:** – Wait… , do you even understand the goblin tongue? –

**Player – Thufum (Dwarven Cleric):** – Yeah, Thufum was on plenty of expedition underground with his fellow miners on the Dwarven City, he can read that for sure! –

**GM:** – Ok, sounds fine to me. You read: ”Torture Chamber”. –

 **Zaria (Human Thief):** – Oh no, let’s find another way! –                                                                               

**Would like to join?**

Before you sign-up, please read the following:

– Sessions will run weekly at the same hour the current session is scheduled. (We can change it a bit to accommodate the full group, 30 min+/-) – The lack of respect among participants will not be tolerated.

– This is a roleplaying game, the narrative by the entire group is very important (avoid awkward silences), be active, roleplay!

– To communicate during the sessions we will use Google Hangouts.

– Camera + Microphone: Both working correctly is required.