Goodies! Here are my own custom sheets for FREEBOOTERS ON THE FRONTIER. Print the whole PDF double-sided. You’ll find:

1. A 4-page playbook for each class including some nice bonus material. (Fighter and Thief books are 3 pages + 1 blank)

2. Four double-sided XP/Stash cards (cut them apart after printing)

3. Single-page summaries of Random Character Creation rules and Marketplace.

All sheets are intended to be hole-punched. Cut the XP/Stash cards first and punch two holes in each.

20 thoughts on “Goodies!”

  1. Nice! Very quickly had a flick through, and on the Cleric sheet the ‘Deity’ heading is misspelt as ‘Diety’.

    Looking forward to printing them out and seeing them in the flesh!

  2. Holy crap, these are cool, Maezar. I like how you compressed so much of the info, and it’s neat to see all of the stuff you added (like the Cleric domain table). My group is starting a new campaign tomorrow night and we may have to take these for a spin!

  3. Maezar These sheets are certainly sweet! I even like the small changes you made (Cleric’s using WIS or CHA, defined durations for spells, etc.) I did notice one problem. On the Magic User sheet, the formula for calculating Memory Limit by the box says “”INT+LVL+MISC” when I think it should be “1+LVL+MISC”, unless you take the Wizard advanced move.

  4. Maezar Just spotted another one. On the Stat modifiers table, the modifiers for below average stats are reversed. Currently they show “3 = -1, 4-5 = -2, 6-8 = -3” when they should show “3 = -3, 4-5 = -2, 6-8 = -1”.

  5. We used these last night in a fresh Freebooters campaign. Everyone loved the overall design and format, but here’s their additional feedback:

    * Missed having Alignment and Heritage options (especially the related moves) right on the class playbooks.

    * Why not just print each class-specific HD on each playbook instead of having to fill it in?

    * Why use “HD type” for Load calculation instead of the plain number? It’s an unnecessary (albeit tiny) extra step to have to refer to the HD slot when calculating Load.

    * Wanted Cleric domains to be edited and sorted by Alignment, since things like rolling a Lawful God of Chaos, Good God of Good, etc. are possible.

    * Loved the imbedded tables, especially the Fighter’s weapon table.

    * Loved the Cleric’s sample Tenets list.

    * Felt like the stuff missing from the Marketplace sheet (from Healing & Magic on) obviated that utility of that sheet, and just made everyone want to refer to the original even if only certain stuff is missing.

  6. I tinkered with the sheets to make them half-A4 folio sized for my group which is starting up this Sunday.

    I really dig the aesthetic and most of the design decisions!

  7. We switched over to Maezar ‘s sheets for our session this weekend and overall they were great. I’d also love to see updated versions incorporating the tweaks mentioned. I tried to modify the PDF I have but wasn’t able to.

  8. Hi all. I was away on a business trip last week. I’ll have loads of updates for you, plus a convenient download page by this weekend. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Great! If you are looking for feedback, I agree with all of the things that Jason’s players suggested. My players really like the sheets, but making those changes and the few minor corrections would make them even better! I did manage to add images for the characters in my campaign to the portrait block on the sheets, which made my players happy.

  10. I’ve made all of the fixes and some of the suggested changes. I haven’t yet added ALIGNMENT or HERITAGE options on my own sheets because I encourage characters to create these aspects at the table. We generally use variant human cultures, and I also allow all of the 1E alignments. I’m hoping to work up a 1-2 page supplement of things that can be easily hand-copied into the spaces provided. Maybe I can make up a “canonical” version for those who want it.

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