Hi folks.

Hi folks.

Hi folks. I need some help naming this fantasy rpg book I’m making; which is a World of Dungeons hack that’s also 90% an illustrated bestiary. It will be written in character by a Clerk and Ex-adventurer called Jackie. 

I’m considering a handful of names: “Jackie’s Hardware”; “Jackie’s Tools and Ammo” (my current favorite); “Pilgrim Tales”; “Drifter’s Code”; “Jackie’s Dungeons”; “Drifter Lies Omnibus”; “Anthology of Tavern Rumours”; “My other armour is a platemail”. I would like to settle soon and I’d gladly accept suggerences!


3 thoughts on “Hi folks.”

  1. Pilgrim Tales – I like it.

    Also, funny pixel graphic. Maybe, you should create more catchy monster names. I mean, Dark elf tinker is cool and inspiring, while a dull “Dragon” is not.

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