11 thoughts on “So what would you do with the Rangers Pet if the Ranger has died?”

  1. Matthew Everhart Funny thing is that this exact situation happened in a game I’m running. What I did was create a custom playbook for the companion and let the player run that as his new character.

  2. The animal should be devastated, IMHO. It lost it’s best friend, that shared a unique bond with it. It’s a golden opportunity  to become a plot point not just get adopted or turn into another character’s move.

  3. Well I will say the Cat is kind of an embodiment of a god. That’s what the ranger said their special bond was and later he became a cleric.

    I do feel it should be a big deal and a plot point but im not to sure what as the campaign feels like its coming to an end now. Also the Druid and the team want to remind themselves of their lost comrade…plus the druid does have that advance move thst allows it to take a ranger move

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