16 thoughts on “Anyone down to play a one-shot over hangout tonight or this weekend?”

  1. I would like to join, but 2 questions

    #1 : What Time because I know saturday I’m avaliable 6:00pm – 12:00am .

    #2 : Are you GMing or do you need someone else to. I could GM if it’s ok

  2. 1: those times work fine for me (EST). Prefer closer to six than midnight.

    But flexible.

    2: happy to play a pc

    3: as far as what I have in mind — something with a sense of humor about

    itself, embraces the absurd and the cool. I’m also a big fan of third party

    classes. How does that sound?

  3. I have my free time for the weekend:

    Saturday: 6-pm/12-am


    Monday:all day

    So I hope we can get some more people and do this.

    hopefully Roll 20 works for everyone.

  4. Samuel Bogumill offered to GM. Although if everyone doesn’t confirm soon then we’ll have to delay.

    As far as character gen, I’ve never done a hangout or roll 20 pickup before so I’m not sure what’s best.

  5. I would to confirm how many players we have and maybe start a hangout before he game to get set up

    so far I can confirm 

    Aaron A.

    Brian Haag

    possibly  Chris Lenk judging by his status

    Game will most likely happen on Monday.

  6. Just Finished GMing this game,

    I had a great time even though it was pretty hard making a one shot online for the first time.

    And the players seemed to enjoy not only the game but the fact that we actually “completed” the adventure.

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