9 thoughts on “Has anyone seen a shield maiden-type playbook for DW?”

  1. I haven’t, but that’s not to say there isn’t one. What are you looking for? I bet we could come up with some moves right now and then, as Rebel Wulf says, just use the Fighter with the few alternate moves we’ve come up with.

  2. First one that comes to my mind is the Battlemind, which is very synergic, but less of a protector type.

    The Skirmisher from Grim World works quite well in tandem, but it’s a sort of rogue juming to a nd from, waiting for an opportunity (attack) to open.

    You’d rather like a tank type, or a buffer (to raise defenses)?

  3. I am thinking a defense character, plus to defense and minus to offense, etc. I may try to put something together and post it here for review when ready

  4. Honestly, I’d just take the fighter and trade it’s special weapon schtick for a defensive move, then make some advanced moves based on protecting others and themselves.

  5. Just a rough idea:


    Choose one for each:

    Cold Eyes, Fierce Eyes, or Merry Eyes

    Flowing Hair, Plaited Hair, or Braided Hair

    Pale Skin, Marked Skin, or Scarred Skin

    Muscular Body, Lithe Body, Curvaceous Body


    Your maximum HP is 10+Constitution… ?

    Choose a Norn’s favour and the corresponding move: 


    When you accept an oncoming attack rather than dodge or parry, take +1 forward.


    Once per battle you may reroll a single damage roll (yours or someone else’s)


    When you Discern Realities during combat, roll+STR.

    You start with these moves:


    You ignore the clumsy tag on armour you wear.

    Some Defensive Move


    Some Move that Really Says Shield-Maiden


    Choose an alignment:


    Bring peace between foes.


    Defeat a worthy opponent.


    Defend those weaker than you.


    Your load is 12+STR. Some stuff.

    Choose your defences:

    – Leather and furs (1 armour, 1 weight)

    – Ornate steel (2 armour, 2 weight)

    – Round shield (+1 armour, 2 weight)

    Choose your armament:

    – Spear (reach, 1 weight)

    – Sword (close, 1 weight)

    – Battle-axe (close, messy, 2 weight)

    Choose one:

    – Adventuring gear (1 weight) and dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)

    – Healing gear (5 uses, 1 weight) and thunderous horn.

    – Boot dagger (hand, concealed) and bag of runes (5 uses, 1 weight)

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