Can we file #pirateworld    under “cash grab heist” or was there any recent update i missed?

Can we file #pirateworld    under “cash grab heist” or was there any recent update i missed?

Can we file #pirateworld    under “cash grab heist” or was there any recent update i missed?

16 thoughts on “Can we file #pirateworld    under “cash grab heist” or was there any recent update i missed?”

  1. I don’t think it was ever a cash grab. Seems more like a good faith effort that got away from them a little. I’m still hoping it’ll all come together, if slowly.

  2. Yeah, there’s been a few other long breaks of four months or so of silence, which he returns from with apologies. I’m hoping it’ll happen again soon as it’s been 5 months since last word.

    This one. Is especially difficult, however, because the last update was that everything was done and PDFs should be sent out in the next update in a few days.

  3. FWIW I’m considering putting together a Pirate-Styled Starter Kit for the Cypher System in the near future if anyone would be into that. May as well release it once/If I whip something up. Not quite Dungeon World but just as Straightforward.

  4. Chiming in as always to say Iain intended to make something cool, took the money, failed to produce, failed to communicate, and failed to refund some/most people. I am disappoint.

  5. I’ve backed over 20 KS and this is now the oldest one that I have not gotten (I also backed the Asylum playing cards that drew the attention of the Washington attorney general, but recently those were delivered).  The bottom line is, this is why I don’t invest a lot in these things.  If he walks away with my $15 I will consider it an acceptable risk.  I just hope that someday I will see this arrive at my inbox, but I am not holding my breath.

  6. The worst thing I’ve seen lately, is that his account activity shows that the creator has been online on KS within the last week or so. He’s well aware of what’s going on with people.

    And, hey, I can be rather understanding. KS’s can screw up some folk’s finances through unseen taxes, tariff’s, shipping, yada yada yada. I understand that can be stressful or downright destructive. I understand that many folks aren’t built to work under strict timelines on big projects or have outside stresses. I understand that some folks have bouts of mental illness temporarily or long term that can be exacerbate/brought on by big stress. I can understand all this stuff. I’ve been there in a long, drawn out, graduate school experience. I can understand so much of this. 

    What I can’t understand, is the sheer lack of communication this project has shown. I mean other projects with similar fates have at least had regular updates that let people know, ‘hey folks, like it or not, my life is going down the crapper for X, Y, Z reasons. I’m trying but can’t promise much’. All we’ve known really is that he has a commute for schooling and works too. Come finals time he’s sent us out some updates about delays….that’s about.

    And then the project seems to be relatively close to a finish. So close, yet so far. It’s just frustrating because the guy had some nifty ideas….. Luckily I’m only in this project for a PDF. 

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