Ok, I have a question.

Ok, I have a question.

Ok, I have a question. The recruit a person move: how do I decide the moves of the character they recruit is? Wow that sounds vague. I know the party want to add a rogue to the group but noone wants to play them. So I am going to introduce a street Urchin I am sure the Paladin will want to raise right. But I am unsure want moves to give the little guy. Am I missing this is the book somewhere?? Is there some guidance?

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Been a while since I read the book, so this is mostly just me thinking from what rules I remember. I do believe there was a section for recruiting NPCs and such, you might want to check that out.

    Anyways, you could go the extra-simple way and have him be a 100 % fiction-driven character since NPCs typically don’t get rolls and such in DW. Have him act as a prop that supports the adventure and your GM principles, but don’t get bogged down in the details. Most of all, I would advise against fleshing him out and playing him as your (the GM’s) character! That usually opens up a big nasty can of worms unless the system specifically supports it.

    If you really want a mechanical way to determine success/failure for this NPC, you could roll everything as “defy danger” and let the players roll the dice as you see fit (for instance, if the Paladin asks the urchin to see about picking that lock, then logically the Paladin’s player would be the one rolling the dice, etc.)

    These are just ideas, feel free to riff off (or disregard them).

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