Hey, folks!  We got our living campaign off the ground last night, and it went great.

Hey, folks!  We got our living campaign off the ground last night, and it went great.

Hey, folks!  We got our living campaign off the ground last night, and it went great.

Originally shared by Brian Haag

Session One is On the Books!

Dungeon World: Oerde, a “Living Campaign”, had its first session tonight!  Had a great time with Ben Badger  Star Spider Andrew Fish Ryan Neale Isaac Park.  I think we came up with some really nice starting material tonight.  Highlights:

* the Elves of the East are constantly warring amongst themselves over political and economically important resources

* technology was recently developed to harvest the Graybark tree, which bears wood renowned for its strength, flexibility, and light weight

* the Underworld of Graybark (named for the tree) recently suffered a bloody war between the city’s two largest crime families; one was wiped out entirely but its vault(s?) never found

Session Recap

Our story begins with the heroes escorting a caravan along the well-travelled route from Ironcurl, a busy seaport, to Graybark, the regional capital.  They’ve been paid a little too well for a job that’s a little too easy.  After arriving in Daggerdown with the intention of spending the night, things get crazy at the crowded inn.  The Elf Fighter Ochre goes to check on their cargo, and it disappears in magical darkness.  The thump he hears is one of the other guards falling, gravely injured.

Sal (the Sexually Confused), the party’s Bard-in-Residence, halts her stunning lute performance, and s/he, Tyrrah the Paladin, and Vinny Vincetti (scion of the fallen Vincettis of Graybark) run to assist Ochre (who notified the patrons and inn employees by ramming his spear through a wall and yelling through the hole).

Tyrrah is able to stablize the guard, and Sal, via her Planar Spheres knowledge, feels “a disturbance in the force” to the southeast.  The party heads out in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, the intrepid (paranoid?) Ranger Corrin Bannister and his owl companion Nightbreeze are getting the lay of the land.  After picking a spot to spy on the dried mud tracks he found outside the inn, Corrin realizes the inn has gone totally silent.  Nightbreeze does a quick recon, and then flushes something out of the grass.

As the party arrives on the scene, an imp runs out of the darkness, flailing his arms and trying to avoid the owl.  Corrin and Ochre hold the imp hostage, who under extreme duress admits that the cart they seek is nearby.

Where did this imp come from?

Where’s the cart?

Who whacked Levi?

What is Vinny going to tell his cousin Chad about the cargo he lost?

Tune in next time and find out!