What do folks make of the Ranger’s human move?

What do folks make of the Ranger’s human move?

What do folks make of the Ranger’s human move?  For reference, it is: When you make camp in a dungeon or city, you don’t need to consume a ration.

It’s never really appealed to me, in part because because of the way it’s written… it don’t see the connection to the fiction.  

Have you played a human ranger?  Did you use the move?  Did you use something else?  

As long as we’re at it, any other ranger moves that you’d revise if you had the chance?

10 thoughts on “What do folks make of the Ranger’s human move?”

  1. When I read the move I assumed it meant “You beg, grift, or scrounge for grody food-scraps instead of trying to choke down blocks of hardtack or whatever.”

  2. Huh. That’s seems backwards. Though it’s probably far more useful in city/dungeon than the same ability in the wilderness.

    If you keep the same power I would want added fictional guidance as suggested here “you can scrounge or steal enough to eat and don’t need to consume a ration”.

    But again. Why is a ranger doing that? Odd rule.

  3. I don’t love it, but I can buy it.  Humans are the ‘civilized’ race, it ties that character to both the world of society and the world of the wilds.  Or shows how much they lost when they went Rangering.

  4. I always thought of it like, in the city you don’t need rations, because.. cities have inns/taverns. And as far as dungeons go.. I guess they hunt in the dungeon or something. XD

  5. Seems like the Ranger should be able to not eat when in the type of environment in which he ranges. Does my Ranger of the forest not know who to hunt and trap?

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