9 thoughts on “The return of “D&D to Dungeon World”, starting with Mimics!”

  1. Instinct: Lure prey into feeding range

    I like the write up, both for the Mimic itself, and your well described method.  However, imho, the instinct “To Survive” is too generic – it just doesn’t give the GM enough to work with.

    The instinct doesn’t have to be unique, but it should prompt ideas for behavior that will distinguish it from the majority of other monsters.

    What does it want that causes problems for others?

    It wants to lure prey to it so it can feed.

    How does it hunt?

    1. Pretend to be an object prey will investigate

    2. Wait until prey is well inside its reach

    3. Grab prey and pull them into its jaws

    This tweaks the instinct and moves to:

    Instinct: Lure prey into feeding range


    – Imitate a large attractive object (max 10′)

    – Wait patiently until prey is too close to escape

    – Pull prey into jaws

    NB: These suggestions for improvements are merely possible polishing tweaks on what is already a great write-up.

  2. S Kraken I would assume anything up to the max size. I would love to see someone place a stein in an abandoned dwarven hall and have it filled with mead. >:)

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