Creating my first tileset!

Creating my first tileset!

Creating my first tileset! Works amazing with Roll20 where you can add whatever you want on top of the jigsaw puzzle like squares. I wanted to share. ^.^ Can’t wait to use this as my castle in the upcoming session! Would anyone be interested in me uploading these when they are finished?

6 thoughts on “Creating my first tileset!”

  1. Michael Raichelson Yeah, I was always looking for re-usable tilesets but I know a lot of people add on detail. Personally, I’d rather build it to look how I want to. I might do a set of basics and detailed ones depending on my mood.

  2. Flavius Chis When I made them, Photoshop. I love my photoshop. XD. As for the map, I use Roll20 to put it together but it could be just drag and dropped in any editor really. 

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