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  1. These are great! Thanks! Slightly OT for the DW Tavern, (ok, almost COMPLETELY OT) but in the first post of the series, you mention using the Hard Move / Interference for doling out inspiration in 5e. Could you expand on that somewhere (or point to where you’ve already described it in more detail?) 

    I’m always looking to add more DW coolness to other systems (There! Brought it back around to OT! Whew!)

  2. In 5E Inspiration allows a roll with Advantage or a roll cancelling Disadvantage. Basically when I decide to make a Hard Move/GM Intrusion against a character I award them Inspiration that they can use on a future roll as they see fit. It’s similar to the way Dungeon World awards an XP for a Hard Move (rolling 6-).

  3. Right. I guess I was asking:  What triggers a DW-style hard move when you’re adding them to 5e? Obviously, when the players “present you with a golden opportunity” (heh heh.) But what else? When they roll a natural 1 would also be obvious… 

    DW’s player-facing system relies on hard moves as the bread and butter, but if I want to add them to 5e (which I do, because hell yeah!), I feel like I need to spell out how they trigger for my players to prevent mutiny. “My DM just arbitrarily threw my weapon across the room and all I got was this lousy Tshirt inspiration point!”

  4. I offer them up like XP in Numenera and The Strange. In other words I offer two points of Inspiration (signaling something bad is about to happen) and the player may either accept the Inspiration (and the Hard Move) or they can spend a point of Inspiration (if they already have some) to deny the offer. If they accept they keep one point of Inspiration and give the other point to a different player. If they roll a natural “1” they get the Hard Move without Inspiration and they cannot avoid it.  

  5. Some good stuff in here. “Reverse the spell” may sound simple and perhaps obvious, but can be ridiculously cool if it happens to the right spell. I was reading an article about Jack Vance’s writing (basically the progenitor of “vancian” spellcasting), and in one of his books an imprisonment spell gets reversed by accident, and all the previous victims bubble up from deep below the earth where they had been trapped for years. How awesome would that be to happen someone’s game?

  6. Daniel Powell that would be awesome! Thinking about the “physics” of magic in your setting can give you some great ideas. Where does a thing “go” when it teleports? Where does a summoned creature come from? Is it the same creature everytime? How does a magic item channel arcane energy? What happens to a caster as a spell moves through his body?

    When you know a little about what happens when things go as they should it’s easier to see what could happen when they go wrong.

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