Ahoy there, Dungeon World Tavern!

Ahoy there, Dungeon World Tavern!

Ahoy there, Dungeon World Tavern! I’m sure many of you are podcast listeners, and I do hope that at least some of you have heard of RPPR, as they are absolutely wonderful. I just wanted to pass along this link, because their most recent podcast is titled “Van Art Gaming” (as you no doubt saw on the preview), and it’s about nostalgic and old school gaming. They frequently discuss “OSR”, which I was only recently awakened to by Dirk Detweiler Leichty .

Anyway, this was a great episode and I really liked a lot of what they had to say. They specifically address the difference between appreciating the nostalgia and the benefits that old school gaming can give to new school gamers, while making sure to point out that there are also many, MANY wonderful things that have happened in gaming in the last 40 years that mix wonderfully.

They also discuss the situation in Indiana (this episode was recorded before the law passed), so there is a bit of light politics in the beginning, but they’re very open and casual about it.


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