(Edited) Here’s my Tinkerer Class. It is a combination Gunslinger/Engineer/Artificer. Enjoy.

(Edited) Here’s my Tinkerer Class. It is a combination Gunslinger/Engineer/Artificer. Enjoy.

(Edited) Here’s my Tinkerer Class. It is a combination Gunslinger/Engineer/Artificer. Enjoy.

Version 1:


VersIon 2:


Changes in Version 2:

-Tried to simplify Minibot. I like the idea but it should be easier to play and also pushed it to later moves so players have more experience with the class. 

-Moved and changed some skills’ wording and names. Should be slightly less combat oriented, though its really how you use the moves. 

-Changes to Omnitool: Disabler, Cloaker and Swapper removed. Added Hammer, Electric Pulse and Breathing Apparatus. Less magical and more situational gadgets are better. Also they seem less combat focused.

-Trying Magical Transference (was Magic Battery) as CON. Idea is that you are using your mana reserves and giving them to someone else. Depending on your endurance, the magic goes or it stays. The actual process is easy for a Tinkerer, just draining. This makes Tinkerer decide between INT, CON, DEX with CON being a support role for Caster parties.

Obviously it’s more important that the game is fun, than balanced, but having overpowered character can detract from others fun. Trying to get it more in line with other Base (and third party) Classes.  

4 thoughts on “(Edited) Here’s my Tinkerer Class. It is a combination Gunslinger/Engineer/Artificer. Enjoy.”

  1. I like it a lot! Thanks! Please let me know when you release the final version. I am translating it to Spanish now. I know the guys will love it. It feels so FF1 it is going to be a hit for sure….oh, a friend comments that he thinks it is too much combat-oriented. He might have a point. Bye!

  2. Nice take on a tinkerer class.

    Some initial comments/suggestions (these are off the cuff suggestions, take them with a grain of salt).

    Neutral: As worded you potentially fail this rather than fulfill it (as expected by the End of Session move).  ‘Pursue your own interests at another’s peril or cost’ might work better.

    Goblin: ‘Your guns always do at least 2 damage’


    – Personal Shield: ‘Block one physical attack per combat’

    – Not sure about Cloaker and Swapper – these seem more like magic abilities than core Tinkerer ones and are covered by the I Feel the Arcana advanced move.

    Gunsmith: Level +1 bullets (ammo) is excessive for DW. Does it need to be restricted to bullets only?  

    ‘ When you Make Camp you may manufacture 1 ammo for a weapon’ might be better (or perhaps 2 ammo of the same sort).

    Energy Shield: ‘Your Persona Shield can block magical attacks (one per combat)”

    Mini-bot: DW handles ‘pets’ by adding to your effectiveness (e.g. increase damage from ‘your’ attack) rather than treating them as (N?)PCs with their own moves.  Suggest rewriting the options to fit that approach.

    Cause and Effect: too powerful.  Restrict it to ‘When you Volley you may use +INT instead of +DEX’

    Feedback Shield: When you block an attack with Personal Shield, the attacker suffers 1d6 damage from the feedback.

  3. Ok, I have to say, even though this character might not fit in my current game world (too much tech), I LOVE the flavour here.  The names of the abilities in particular (How do they work, Um, Actually – HA!!)  This guy would be a blast to play!

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