Hi folks —

Hi folks —

Hi folks —

I’m ramping up for the launch of the Perilous Journeys Kickstarter campaign in a couple of weeks, putting all of my stretch goals in a row, and wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Here’s what I have so far:

BASE GOAL: Perilous Journeys, a 72-page, digest-size softcover book/pdf.

STRETCH #1: PJ Survival Kit, a pdf of reference sheets and blank records for NPCs, Monsters, Regions, Steadings, Dungeons, etc.

STRETCH #2: Perilous Almanacs, a 24-page sampler of regional almanacs written by members of the DW and comics communities.

STRETCH #3: Freebooters on the Frontier (Aka “Advanced Funnel World”), my fantasy heartbreaker that attempts to merge old school, sandbox, treasure-hunting D&D with Dungeon World. 24 pages, digest size, print and pdf.

So far these rewards are all useful tools, and I want to keep it that way (i.e., no fluff). I may have enough here to do the job — and I certainly don’t want to create too much extra work for myself — but I would love to hear suggestions if anybody has them.

I’d also love to hear what people think would make good upper-tier rewards. Right now I’m planning on things like signed copies, adding backer-chosen names to the Vancian spell generator, and hand-drawn maps based on backer home game campaigns.

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  1. One lens to consider – are the stretch goals and rewards a better return for your time than the base goal? Return meaning money, joy, whatever. (I have a reward tier that involves a fixed amount of extra effort, but which doesn’t scale with more backers.)

  2. How about a small booklet of Monsters from the Journey, with like 25 original monsters and a short write up about what they are. Basically a little monster manual.Another thing you can look at is an improved art tier, not to say I don’t like the art you have in the samplers, but that’s a pretty common stretch goal people use to increase the quality. For an upper tier you could have a video call with a limited number of backers to help set up their own Perilous Journey game. If you go with an improved art tier you can also add a draw my group tier with a limited number, but that might be a bit fluffy for you. You could ask other writers to add an adventure as well as a stretch goal. Maybe you can get Sage or Adam to help out.

  3. Since you straddle both the comic and game world, perhaps you know other comic artists who are also gamers? If yes, have them create something? I know at least one in my game group, I can connect you if you like. He hasn’t been playing DW with us, too much work coming in for him. But maybe ha can do some art?

  4. Great ideas. Don’t get above your head though. I really appreciated your last project and how simple it was. I got 2 really polished products and the quality and love for the work shined through. To add onto all that, Cinder Queen was the first and maybe only project I’ve backed that was delivered promptly and up to expectation. In other words, don’t let us greedy backers spread you too thin.

  5. Drop Dice, a mini monster manual is a neat idea — I could create 25 monsters based off random rolls from the creature generation tables, and include those roll results in a brief annotation for each monster, so people could see how they were created from random prompts.

    As far as art goes, the images in the preview pdf are all placeholder; the base funding goal will cover paying an illustrator to replace all those old woodcuts with original art.

    Thanks for the ideas an tips, everyone, this is helpful.

  6. It isn’t state whether Stretch #2, Perilous Almanacs, is PDF only or also print.  I’m assuming PDF only.  Really looking forward to this, I like the idea of a mini monster manual as well, can’t have enough beasts.

  7. Brian Young, yes, right now Perilous Almanacs is pdf only. My plan is for the hard copies to be the books that will get the most use at the table. While the almanacs book will have lots of practical content, I imagine people will only print out the regions they want to use, as opposed to refer to the whole book on a regular basis.

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