7 thoughts on “Hoping someone is going to be starting a Play-by-Post game soon.”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen the play-by-Twitter that’s currently running? It’s an interesting format to say the least!

    Search @tweetsfromDW – you should be able to pick it up from that.

  2. I’ve been following it now from the beginning, and I must say it seems to work really quite well. You get some of the benefits of the PbP format but it still feels ‘alive’ because it doesn’t slow down a huge amount, and there aren’t great walls of text to wade through.

  3. Have never tried play by post but am VERY interested because that is all I am able to commit to at the moment. Play by Twitter sounds interesting too!

  4. Our Twitter based Dungeon World campaign has 2 openings. The Ranger & Wizard have been taken, but all other DW rulebook classes are available. We just ended our 1st session & it was a huge success! Get in touch w/@TweetsfromDW.

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