Hi, taverfolk. Anyone here familiar with World of Dungeons?

Hi, taverfolk. Anyone here familiar with World of Dungeons?

Hi, taverfolk. Anyone here familiar with World of Dungeons?

One of our players always comes to games with his mind set on a specific character he wants to play. Which doesn’t go very well with random stats.

We even had to make him a standard array (7-8-9-10-12-14) to use in Swords&Wizardry.

How would you do an array in World of Dungeons?

Or do you have any other suggestions on how to make random stats bendable to a specific character concept?

4 thoughts on “Hi, taverfolk. Anyone here familiar with World of Dungeons?”

  1. I’d go with +2, +1, +1, +0, +0, +0. Alfred Rudzki’s suggestion works as well for ease of use – only hiccup I can see is that you can’t roll a -1 in WoD; purposefully, I believe, as bonuses to rolls are much more uncommon than DW and there’s no reward on a miss.

    As far as making random stats fit a concept, there are no moves in WoD; you can trigger a roll with any stat that your GM agrees to. Maybe you mock your opponent in verse and attack with +CHA? Maybe you you just beat your opponent on raw endurance and outlast them, and attack with +CON. Hopefully, your approach changes as your descriptions change.

    Probably won’t be fun if you make every check on the same stat, but your not locked into one all the time, as long as the player and the GM both understand what the goal is.

  2. And remember that their are people who think they are or are not something in real life, but in reality they very much are not. Remember that guy in highschool always telling terrible, racey jokes, and putting others down because it’s “funny” ? (everyone knows this person). In his mind, he probably thinks he’s the most charismatic mo-fo to every walk, when in fact he very much is not. Remember that in most RPG’s it’s not about how well you roll die (if that were the fun part, I could sit in my room and roll die against myself over and over, what fun !) but fleshing out a REAL personality in a unique world.

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