I’m recruiting players for a Dungeon World via Twitter campaign.

I’m recruiting players for a Dungeon World via Twitter campaign.

I’m recruiting players for a Dungeon World via Twitter campaign. Check out https://twitter.com/1stEdDM for an idea of what I would like to do with the system via Twitter. You can find me at https://twitter.com/TweetsfromDW. I am looking for a minimum of 3 players with a maximum of 4 for the time being. We currently have a Paladin so that class is no longer available.

You should create a Twitter account that you will use exclusively for your character. We will be using the classes available in Dungeon World rulebook so you must own & be familiar with the system. If you are interested, contact me here or via Twitter with your character sheet and a brief write up of your character.

All players will be expected to post at least once a day with Saturday being the most active day. Use quotation marks for character dialogue and brackets for out of character posts. Racism, misogyny, and homophobia will not be tolerated. I want creative writers with a sense of humor who are looking for a game of fun & adventure. Looking forward to getting this started.


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  1. Frank, as long as you own a copy of the rules and are somewhat familiar it is fine. This is going to be a learning process for all of us. What class will you be using?

  2. Ok, I’ve got character sheets from our Paladin & Thief. Waiting for character sheets from Frank & Brandon. I’ve got 2 reserve players so if you don’t want to play, let me know, and if you do, get those sheets to me! Thanks!

  3.  Shawn P , my buddy Aaron tweeted you; he was referring to me (im @zeframsee). Ill actually bow out so that Aaron can join in. Hopefully i can play with you some other time!

  4. We had a last minute dropout & have a slot available. Now is your chance to get in before we officially start. Send me your character sheet ASAP if you want in.

  5. Never heard back from the Fighter. Our part consists of a Paladin, Druid, & Ranger. The Fighter, Bard, Cleric, Thief, & Wizard are available.

  6. Brandon beat you to the punch. I’m going to see how manageable 4 players is, but there is a possibility we will expand to 5 in the future. I will get in touch if we have someone drop out. Thanks!

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