5 thoughts on “Zombie Elves:”

  1. PS: of course, the map is useful, and the whole adventure can be a nice setup for a DW adventure, however, the way it’s built is too “old style”. It gives solutions, while usually DW present problems, and let the players to find out the answers.

    GM “Oh wow, look that main tree, it has a wound and it emanates an evil aura”

    Player “Spout lore: maybe there’s a way to fix that… I remember in our village we have experts about nature magic, I could ask to one of them, or maybe I remember something”.

    Etc. etc.

  2. Decent point. I’m trying not to over think this one but just wing it, and I thought well here’s an easy level for newbies to explore the mechanics of the game and maybe that will give me an idea what to do with the next section. I agree the adventure presents a solution, but there is no reason that’s the only one and it could be removed. Also a couple of guys in my group love the Walking Dead.

  3. Andrea Parducci this is just a little one shot one page dungeon conversion I did for a group of newbies, not my own work. I was just thinking about how to expand it since they would like another session.

    I could use one of my past dungeon starters.

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