Ideas for a new Campaign for Dungeon World

Ideas for a new Campaign for Dungeon World

Ideas for a new Campaign for Dungeon World


A Campaign inspired by C.J. Cherryh’s Morgaine novels and TOS Star Trek

A Sword and Sorcery Campaign of Dark Fantasy (low magic, some super science)

The problem started because of the gates. Gates fashioned that they could allow access between worlds, between times…The vulcanoid “star elves” found a forgotten gate that the “ancients” had built around a planet of ruins. The gate was intelligent, answered their questions and soon the star elves built their own gates.

They should have asked why the planet was full of ruins. 

The star elves soon learned that the gates could travel not only interstellar distances but also time. The star elves had no idea of the effect on their reality of unrestrained time travel. The star elves broke their universe into a new multiverse, a new “Chain of Being”, broke their empire, and broke their civilization. They broke our universe and it will not survive another such sundering.

The Guardian of Forever has said it will answer no more questions and the system it used to exist in has disappeared.

But the gates of the star elves still exist in every new universe and must be closed to insure the survival of each universe. The Federation has assembled a strike team to close as many gates as it can to insure the survival of as many universes as possible.

The original team was a hundred. Three closed gates later your characters are all that remain. 

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