Hey guys, what do you think of my modified equipment list?

Hey guys, what do you think of my modified equipment list?

Hey guys, what do you think of my modified equipment list? I wanted to make the players’ choices meaningful while staying true to the DW idea of minimal roll modifiers. But I can’t seem to help myself from adding a little D&D 2.5 to anything and everything. Thanks for any input!!!

Long Bow = near, far, +1 damage, training 100c/2w

Arbalest & windlass = near, far, +1 damage, +1 piercing, reload 90c/4w

Stiff Dagger, Long Knife = hand, +1 piercing 3c/1w

Falchon, Pick, Morning Star = close, +1 piercing, messy 10c/2w

Dueling Rapier, Scimitar, Bastard Sword = close, +1 piercing, finesse 50c/2w

War Sword, Poleaxe = close, two handed, +1 damage, +1 piercing 20c/3w

Bardiche = close, two handed, forceful, +1 damage, +1 piercing, slow, messy 23c/4w

Lance, Pike = reach, near, two handed(or couched), forceful, +1 piercing 8c/3w

Flamberg = reach, two handed, forceful, +2damage, +1piercing, slow, messy 29c/5w

Padded +1 slashing, piercing, and if plate(helmet) added: bludgeoning 6c/0w

Leather +1 bludgeoning, piercing, and if plate(helmet) added: slashing 8c/1w

Mail +1 armor 10c/1w

Plate Mail +2 slashing, piercing, +1 bludgeoning or +2 w/g. helm 25c/2w

Mail(or Leather w/ G. Helm) and Plate +2 armor 50c/3w

Full Plate +3/+4 no stack w/ shield except for purposes of piercing w/g. helm 350c/4w

Buckler = defends against hand and close weapons 3c/1w

Target = defends against hand, close, and reach attacks 4c/2w

Kite = defends against hand, close, reach, and near attacks 5c/3w

Tower = defends against hand, close, reach, near, and far attacks 7c/4w

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  1. I see the bonuses you add are to damage or piercing – in that case, it’s quite all right: crunchier than I’d have DW, but it shouldn’t risk breaking the game, like having bonuses on actual moves would.

    On the other hand, I think that dividing in classes of damage for armor sounds quite unnecessarily convoluted here.

  2. What does “defends against” mean, in the shields section?

    I’m not fond of splitting defenses up by damage type and range, that’s too much fiddly bookkeeping for me and imo doesn’t really add anything.

  3. Heavy armour and large shields should impose penalties on movement and endurance. Perhaps take -1 forward for Perilous Journey?

    Think of this as a memorial to the Crusader Knights that the Saracens lured out into the blazing hot desert and slaughtered…

    …bunch of deluded, inbred tossers.

  4. You could remove the “hand” defences for Kite and Tower. So you can simulate that enemies with very short weapons/blades could avoid the “wall” (maybe putting their weight on it, maybe fast-dodging) and entering the guard of the slower, heavier shielded enemy.

  5. Relevant: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0lFq3ECDQDQN2dSYU9SZEw5LXc/view?usp=sharing

    For the list above, I considered fiddling with armor vs. damage types, but ultimately rejected it. Too much to keep track of for this kind of game.

    Same thing with the helmet mods.  You know what the benefit of wearing a helmet is in DW?  You’re wearing a helmet. If you get smacked on the head, you can say “I’ve got my helmet on” and the GM’s got to take that into account. At the very least, you get your armor.

    I did add a crude tag to weapons, making them -1 damage against armored foes.  And the crude tag on armor or shields indicates that, fictionally, they’re more likely to break/shatter/etc. 

    Michael Barry I went with a warm tag for what you’re describing.

  6. Bastien Pilon Thanks! I realized as soon as I read your comment that I should have neatened it up before I posted it, sorry everyone.

    Andrea Parducci Now here’s a guy who gets what I was going for, perhaps a little better than I do : ) I’m going to follow that advice in my setting!

    Jeremy Strandberg THAT IS AWESOME! Thank you for sharing it here!

  7. Eric Lochstampfor Sorry for the double post! Because I wanted their to be a difference between larger and smaller shields, I felt the penalty was justified by the imagined difficulty of blocking speeding projectiles from afar with smaller shields. I also get people’s comments about keeping rules light, but my group can’t help but do a little PvP, and when we do that we always want the equipment chosen to be meaningful.

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