19 thoughts on “I’m just curious: is it possible to play dw with only pcs and no gm?”

  1. I think it could be done with the other players providing the moves when you blow a roll.  Perhaps with the use of some random dungeon generator for rooms and opposition?  Possible, yes.  Making it fun and satisfying would be a taller order.

  2. It’s certainly possible, but might be pretty different. There are a couple of GMless games that use the Apocalypse World engine, like Dream Askew, that might be worth checking out for possible inspiration.

  3. It’s totally possible, done it with Mythic Emulator mentioned above… that one got a little wacky. Done it where everyone shares responsibility  taking ownership of different aspects ala Whitebooks. Did an old school D&D solo module with the Boy and we just made moves against each other (ie GM’ed for the other person) Also look at Dream Askew, and there is a Hack for playing MonsterHearts sans GM that works pretty well.

  4. The group as a whole could be the GM, arbitrating what hard GM and soft GM moves are used, or you could use a rotating GM style, whereeach player takes a turn GMing another player’s actions.

    The other option is a deck of GM moves cards players can either flip from or be dealt hands from. When you want to make a GM move, you have to play a card from your hand or flip from the deck and interpret the result.

    It might be a fun experiment, or a howling, incindary disaster.

  5. Each player is dealt a hand of 4 Tarot cards, if a GM is needed, each player hand out a card and we draw one of it random as intend and one as consequence. Its rather open but fun, at least for me.

  6. Adrian Thoen

    “It might be a fun experiment, or a howling, incendiary disaster.”

    I don’t see the difference! (sounds like a fine idea to me)

  7. It’s notable too that Vincent has always been much more cavalier about the ability of the AW engine to handle multi-GM and GMless play than a lot of the other folks who’ve created hacks of the game. Basically, he says just go for it and that it’ll probably work fine.

  8. Justin Wightbred

    that is the rule set for MonsterHearts I was thinking of. Worked out great when we tried. Should totally work with DW if you change how the scenes work, maybe alternating the set up o the rooms.

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