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  1. Love it. One issue, the page number system used should be clarified. One first page 2nd column you say “refer to relevant entry on pp of Perilous journey.” The rest of the document uses (PJ,xx). Maybe add. (PJ) to the end of the sentence to avoid confusion? Otherwise spiffy

  2. I would add something about updating the ‘base’ steading as characters bank their gold. That frontier town is gonna become a bustling city soon enough. Tempting to all the beasties in the wild.

  3. Nathan Roberts overall I like that idea, but it makes me wonder if wouldn’t change the nature/emphasis of the game too much.  Like, it makes me think of Deadwood, which is awesome, but maybe puts too much emphasis on the local politics of the growing town rather than on exploring the wilds?

    It does make me wonder, though: you got these ne’er-do-well adventurers going out and “banking” all this gold. Where are they banking it? Isn’t someone gonna twig to all these adventurers hiding stockpiles of coin under their mattresses while they go a-wandering for months at a time?

  4. Exactly Jeremy Strandberg , that was my thought. Especially if the higher level adventurers build fortresses and retire, its gonna change the shape of the social terrain in the area.

    DW is all about the change of things, whether it be the characters, the environment or the monsters that dwell in the dark.

    I just thought it would be handy to formalise that process (like in the steading rules) speciafically for Jason Lutes ‘s supplement. Maybe a table that builds a countdown of grim portents to a capatalistic boom / war once the PC’s ‘bank’ enough gold into the economy?

  5. Not yet — still getting all of my ducks in a row. I am waiting on a greenlight for my first-choice illustrator, playtesting, and still writing some stuff (compendium classes and GM advice, mostly). Hoping to launch by the end of the month, but it might be March.

  6. Nathan Roberts I work on a supplement, where you handle Steadings like a character; similar to Gangs & Hardholders in AW or Keeps in AW/DA and Bootlegger. I Personally think that extended rules on devellopement of a steading by play, would be an entire supplement of its own and beyond the theme that Jason chooses for PJ. Also I am interested in what ideas you have to the topic.

  7. Ok, if you are going to make a huge pile of money with the kickstarter, please think about a section for GMless play… or maybe with a rotating GM for every “move”! This way all the players can have a character in the party, and going to discover places, quests, adventures, fight enemies, bosses etc.

    You created lot of interesting random tables, you just need some procedure to glue them up together in a sort of cooperative play.

    So, make characters, roll/choice for a quest, roll/choice for the map, roll/choice for the dungeon when you explore the wilderness, roll/choice for the room when you enter in, roll/choice for the opposition, fight etc.

    Only me is thinking this can be very nice??

    Also, you could think a quick system to help the rotating GM with his choices of moves, ie. a deck of card with moves written on, like “Present an opportunity with cost”. And maybe other hints like “Treasure behind a trap”, “Ally you need to conquer before he join you”, “An important key or info for the quest”.

  8. All that are fine in a lot of games, but it would not be DW anymore. The game is ablanced around a GM in a kind of feedback/responce position to the players. I am totally pro GM-less games, like the ones my friend Jim PInto is doing. But well, I like DW for what it is. Which dont mean that I reject your input here. Just not sure that it will workout like that.

  9. Andrea Parducci, that could be very cool, but right now it is beyond the scope of what I plan to include in the book. I don’t think it would take long to write up, but playtesting it and making sure it works well is not something I have time to do at the moment. But it sounds like you’ve thought about it a fair amount — maybe you should give it a go!

  10. Hi Stefan Grambart — I’m using InDesign, I think CS4? I couldn’t normally justify the expense, but I was able to get it through the school where I teach. It’s like 6 years old at this point and I’m praying its compatibility continues to hold up.

    I am no design wiz, but I worked as an art director for a comics publisher and then a free weekly paper back in the 90s and learned by the seat of my pants to put pages together. My basic approach is to keep things super-simple and choose my fonts carefully. For this and Cinder Queen the body text is Oldstyle by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, a font to which I’ve become quite attached. For better or for worse, a Lampblack & Brimstone “house style” appears to have emerged.

  11. Cool, thanks. I’m an art director here in Toronto, but mostly for digital. I used to build pitch decks in ID, but have been moving to Keynote because a) it’s easier to make an actual presentation, and b) it allows producers to edit it directly, rather than go through a designer.

    ID is powerful, but I’d love to find something that makes it easier to setup a template.

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