4 thoughts on “Robigus joke…”

  1. The correct neutral is they.

    By the way, it’s not exactly a dispute.

    Robigus was originally a male god (Varro), but by imperial and Christian age they had become the godess Robigo (Ovidius, Agostinus et. al.), probably due to corruption by the (female gendered) word robigo, rust, since mildew was called “grain rust”.

    There probably was a period of gender confusion, but it mostly is a matter of chronology, with the perception of the people shifting from a male to a female divinity ^^

  2. You are welcome.

    Now, are you interested about Cloacina, godess of sewers? Febris, evil godess of fever (that was a god, in Etruscan times)? Or Sterculo, god of manure? :-P

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