Team DW —

Team DW —

Team DW — 

I’d like to start compiling (sure, admittedly for selfish reasons, but to help the community too!) a list of “idea generators” for key moments in DW play.  

My idea is to use this forum (initially) to help lay out ideas and support the improvisation during play by giving GMs lists of things they can do when soft/hard moves are triggered.  

For example, when it comes to hard choices in combat, I once had a situation where a creature with the messy tag was up against the fighter.  She truly botched her role, just as the thief was leaping up and over the creature.  So, I turned to her and said “Your choice — you loose your hand or he looses his foot”.  

I know these can be very situational, so I’m not looking for answers for everything — but me, personally?   I find I can “fall back” on a limited set of answers and I want to expand my own horizons. 

So, denizens of the tavern — what are some of your best ideas for hard choices?  What are some great downsides you’ve pulled?  When have you put people in a spot, or turned their moves back on them?  What are ideas and examples you’ve used that others can benefit from?

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  1. It’s a bit more basic than I think you were going for, but I made a stack of index cards, with each DM move written down on four of them. I shuffle them up at the start of session, and when I get presented a move unless I have a cool idea right off the bat, I draw one and make it work. It was wonderful at breaking my habit of always using Deal Damage. Since I don’t replace the cards until I’m out, this forces me to get used to using everything.

    When I’m looking to offer them a choice, naturally I draw two.

  2. What do they need?

    Who do they love?

    What do they cherish?

    What do they covet?

    What do they hold true?

    Who do they despise?

    Make them choose between two of these things to the detriment of the other.

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