9 thoughts on “David Guyll and I are wandering what class people think we should tackle next.”

  1. I’d like to post some ideas for (potential) future projects, because, honestly, none of the above catch my eye too much (except maybe the Fighter, I’ll explain).

    I already posted a while back a request for an Onmyōji (the Teito Monogatari-style ones, not the RL ones) because one of my players has been dying to play one.

    The Fighter is honestly my favorite core class, hands down, but I sometimes want my Signature Weapon to be sentient. Kinda like the Bearer Compendium Class, but as a base class. My reasoning being that in most fiction, the hero finds the intelligent weapon at the beginning of the adventure, iirc.

    Also, I’m curious how you guys handle D&D Archons (4e, specifically), or any other elemental (outside of Sundered World).

    Welp, I guess I’ll vote for Cultist.

  2. Maria Rivera Thanks for picking one. David Guyll knows more about 4e than I do and will probably message you on your inquiry.

    An Onmyoji sounds cool and we will add it to our list. We are always willing to add projects/classes when asked. 🙂

    Atm we have chosen Cultist and Oni to pursue. I will do some research on the Onmyoji, since it is something I’ve never heard of and start it up as well.

    I definitely like the idea of a sentient weapon. It has been noted and put down!

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