Next part (which will actually be the first part of the final book after the intro).

Next part (which will actually be the first part of the final book after the intro).

Next part (which will actually be the first part of the final book after the intro).

Originally shared by Jason Lutes

Third draft of glossary and collaborative mapmaking rules for Perilous Journeys. Placeholder art, feedback welcome. Map template at the end is based on the one Vincent Baker uses in AW: Dark Age.

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Brennan.

    I am lining up my artists right now, and aiming to have the content complete some time in February. Hope to launch the KS before the end of February. Backers will have access to the “beta” pdf at that point, and if all goes well I’m hoping hard copies will ship by… June?

    Ultimately it all depends on how much time I’m able to squeeze out of my life in order to work on it. The past two weeks have been good, and I’m hoping I can keep that level of productivity. 

  2. Jason Lutes I really like the bit you have on Naming Things, but do you have any thoughts on how to work that into the collaborative world building algorithm? 

    The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is to make lists in advance.  Like, a Hungarian list, a Welsh list, etc., each with names for regions & places & settlements & features & maybe some NPCs.  And then part of adding a region to the map is picking its language list.

    Feels kind of clunky to me, but I think it might work.

  3. Jeremy Strandberg, I will have name lists in the back of the book, for male, female, and place names, in 4 different pseudo-languages. And I should definitely suggest making name lists as a part of GM prep somewhere in there.

    As far as integrating it into the mapmaking, I don’t want to require any particular naming approach, so I could just work in suggestions like referring to the sidebar and lists at the back of the book, or suggest that people name things in plain English, then apply the translation trick later.

  4. The most gratifying part of this section is seeing someone else organise their almanac like my nested campaign wiki, and someone else doing the Google Translate + tweak language consistency shortcut. I am looking forward to this supplement!

  5. Its interesting to see those snippets of the book come together and forming an extended preview.

    Jason Lutes in which form will you publish this book? Kickstart it or direct to buy PDF on RPGNow?

  6. Josephe Vandel, there will be a Kickstarter for sure, to raise money to pay the artists and print hard copies. Where to get it printed is something I’m still investigating — the printer who did my last project was great for something saddle-stitched, but this book will have to be squarebound due to its page count, and I’m not sure about their quality on that front. After all the backers get their hard copies, I will put the pdf up on DTRPG.

    Matt Horam, great minds, etc.! Cool to see someone else is thinking in those terms.

  7. I love the two booklets you did last time. Will there also be additions to the current book on overfunding stretch goals? The current project already may have a highter pagecount than the former KS, so I am curious.

  8. The base book looks like it’ll be around 64 pages long. Stretch goals will likely consist of a collection of regional almanacs by other people, and/or a set of 3-5 “campaign starters” written to take advantage of the ideas introduced in the main book. The almanacs and campaign starters might get folded into the main book, or they might be a separate book, not sure yet. Also toying with the idea of redrawing homemade backer maps as a high tier reward. Haven’t thought much beyond that at the moment! 

  9. Plenty enough to increase my excitment even more. By the way if you are looking for maps to be contributed at some point, I am interested.

    On my own humble opinion, I would seperate the generic rules part, from the almanacs and narrative contents. I prefer to have such seperated as I like keep different content cathegories seperated. In most cases, I edit rules only booklets out of my prefered games.

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