The Puzzle Parish

The Puzzle Parish

The Puzzle Parish

It was ancient maze inhabited by The Minotaur’s descendants when the city of Dis began to devour it. When the the inhabitants of Dis began to creep in to settle and explore the maze the minotaurs at first were taken aback. Their experience with outsiders was limited to “adventurers” who sought only to slay them, so when the birdfolk of The Aviary Parish and the strange being known only as The Architects began to offer them work and other opportunities, they did the unthinkable. They unionized!

Now, minotaur rickshaw drivers are a staple in every parish of Dis and often the cheapest and fastest way to get around. They are still the only ones who can navigate the puzzle parish successfully and can always be found on it’s outskirts looking for fares.

Minotaur Rickshaw Driver

12HP, 1 Armor; Horn gore, close, hand 1d10, 2 piercing

-Navigate the streets of Dis

-Barge through the crowds

-Intimidate to overcharge