10 thoughts on “If a fighter (Elvish) wanted a bow as a Signature Weapon how would you go about it?”

  1. Either use the Wielder from Class Warfare, or if you want to stick to core just let them pick near or far as their base range and give them three ammo to start.

  2. I wouldn’t make them take precise for a bow regardless, as volley is already dex-based. Just let them have a bow, no need to tax it like that.

    Now if they wanted to take Versatile so they could attack in melee with it, because it’s a bladed bow or something, then sure, that’d call for precise.

    (The RAW for versatile lets you do that anyway, incidentally. It doesn’t specify that your second range has to be hand, close or reach, so you could totally have near or far as your additional range.)

  3. Also you could “reverse” the Perfectly Weighted in something like “Strength Pulled”, to have the box used mainly with raw strength (some bows can really need extra arms/back muscles), and use your special bow with STR in place of DEX.

    Ok, you are an elf, however you are a badass warrior elf, so maybe you want to avoid the classical trope of unearthly agile creature, and do a muscolar, massive elf, something like an SWAT heavy archer for short range dungeon fighting (close/near) 😀 http://blackmarches.wdfiles.com/local–files/aeminaeon-aldanae/Aeminaeon%20Aldanae.jpg

  4. I’d like to say that if someone wants to be a perfect bowier, maybe WARRIOR isn’t their best playbook choice. Sticking to core, I’d let them to use the bow, knowing that it’s not easy to use one in melee (The superhero Arrow does this, as well as the Dynasty Warrior character INA).

    On a 6-, the GM can honestly bring in appropriate downsides.

  5. I’d say no problem! I’d pencil in the details and let it flow. In fact, I’d say [  ]______________ is an option almost everywhere, for everything, as long as it fits the mood and the stories you want to create together.

  6. Time ago I created a custom move for a Warrior that loved bows. Something like:

    When you bend the bow with all your strength, your bow earns a new range tag (extreme). You can hit a target (even moving) in extreme range only if he still didn’t saw you and he isn’t actively dodging. GM will tell you if the target you see is in that range. Also, now you can volley with STR, and if you hit, choose one from the list (in addition to standard volley choices):

    – the target and his near allies tremble with fear, asking themselves from where that arrow came!

    – you stick the target in place (on ground, wall, etc.) with your arrow for a while.

    – if the arrow damage is enough to kill, the target dies without a sound.

    I loved the muscoled archer shooting like an English longbow man at impressive distances, bringing terror to the enemies 😀

  7. a little off topic, I always fancied the idea of making a DW fighter with a Staff base weapon, then at level 2, taking the move that lets you add a range of your choice – in this case, near. The staff was actually a MASSIVE bow that the fighter hadn’t gotten around to stringing until now. 

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