34 thoughts on “Any Dungeon World Play-By-Post games starting up soon?”

  1. I’d be potentially interested in running one, perhaps. Have you played any published adventures yet? I was thinking about Servants of the Cinder Queen…

  2. I don’t mind running one over a mini G+ community, even a small one with two players (Leiber-esque?) if you folks are interested. I haven’t done much PBP since the early 2000s, though. More chat, Hangouts, and face-to-face stuff. If there is interest, is there a preference on vibe? Old school? Weird? Planescape? Ravenloft? Etc.

  3. I could run pseudo-Dark Sun. Desert world ruled by evil sorcerers leeching power from the land so they can someday turn into dragons? Sure. But I don’t know the setting well enough to get all the details right.

  4. +J. Walton , would be up for just about anything, assuming the timing works out 🙂 I actually run one of my games out of hangouts exclusively, and it works pretty well.

  5. I don’t have time to do hangout but I don’t want you to do something around me. I work full time and have to take care of my daughter while my wife works a part time job after her full time job. So I only can focus on PBP.

  6. That’s fine. This was your idea! Let me poke around and either find a dungeon I like and/or create a couple Fronts and then I’ll pitch something to you both.

  7. Eric Boerman Phips Peter you interested in playing? that is if J. Walton  is okay with that. I know I posted about wanting to play PBP and they voiced they wanted to play but we had not GM.

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