8 thoughts on “Understanding Damage entries”

  1. Roll the number of dice shown and take the highest/best (b) result or the lowest/worst (w) result.  (It’s described in the Playing the Game section, I believe.)

    edit: ninja’d!

  2. Page 23, “Best and Worst”

    Some monsters and moves have you roll damage multiple times and take the best or worst result. In this case roll as normal but only apply the best (or worst) result.

    If a monster rolls its d6 damage twice and takes the best result it’s written b[2d6]. The b[] means “best.” Likewise, w[] means worst, so w[3d10] means “roll a d10 for damage three times and use the worst result.”

  3. DnD 5th ed took that concept (or one like it) for their Advantage/Disadvantage status. (Roll 2d20 to hit/save whatever: and if you have advantage take the best, if you are at disadvantage, take the worst).

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