Came across this and the original youtube video today, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun for my group. Curious to see if anyone here has used it or something similar and find out how it went/how you applied it all.

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  1. I’ve delivered the elevator pitch to my regular group, going to be trying this out next time we meet (probably next week). I’ll let you all know how it goes!

    Just a little something about next weeks session: They’re heading to a ruined castle known as Blackstone Castle which is in the Swamp of Tears (random generator names how I love thee!). They are there to collect a magical anvil (one of a set of three) for a local Lord who they own allegiance to. 

    Be interesting to see what they decide to put in there, and what actually happens!

  2. Ok, a week or more late I guess but I’ve used this twice. This is going to be a lengthy post.

    A resounding success! Really was fun to have my group come up with all kinds of crazy stuff that they wanted in this dungeon. Here are the notes I made:

    1) Old Historian in Novia, had a collection of adventurers journals. Unbreakable Vow to return to him with the heraldry of Blackstone, somewhere from the castle library. He gives Three-Knives a small figurine of an elf holding up a staff which is part of a puzzle/trap.

    2) Treasure trove, the centre piece of which is an Obsidian Blade. 

    3) Map – Hidden door that leads to treasure – requires figurine?

    4) Blood ritual needed to cross the bridge leading to the castle. Everyone has to pay the ferryman, those that don’t might not make it across. 

    5) There is a dungeon beneath the castle. 

    6) Manlike with horns, minotaur. Is attempting to use the anvil to create weapons and armour that will bolster himself to exact revenge on those that spurned him once he was cursed. Was once a holy warrior, now disfigured. +1 prep.

    7) Gain information on how to get through the labyrinth, better to take a right turn, keep your hands at the level of your eye (traps inside require you to be ready) don’t follow instructions, you’re fucked.

    8) The room with the anvil is in a room with four statues, each with its own riddle. +1 prep. Find the false statue and find the anvil. Fifth statue in the corner.

    9) Statues Guarding the Anvil – Four elven warriors, each stand watch over the anvil, bathed in light that cannot be walked through. If someone touches the anvil or walks through the light, the statues stir. Each statue has roots and flowers carved into its base. 

    I ended up taking 4 Twist, which I’ve used for the following:

    1) The Figurine is a dud.

    2) The Minotaur has magically grafted armour instead of normal skin (nearly caused a TPK).

    3) The fifth statue turned out to be a Mindflayer in hibernation/waiting. 

    4) There is an extra passage that they did not know about and is not on the maps. It’s not hidden either, but they really don’t want to explore it. 

    This was definitely a lot of fun, and I’m probably going to use this again every time we run a dungeon. They got really into thinking about what they know, but were terrified of what I might have changed. Sometimes players don’t get too bothered about another batch of goblins, but when they’re expecting something and something else happens, they get nervous. 

    Go and give it a go! I’d love to hear how others got on.

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