21 thoughts on “Anyone else read Rat Queens?”

  1. Rat Queens are great! I don’t know if you would have to make a hack of Rat Queens as much as you would want to develop fronts and potential NPCs.  To each their own.

  2. My “hack” would be more about instituting a different playstyle through changed principles, GM moves, first session procedure and a better social dynamics mechanic. 

  3. Or rather I want players to care for NPCs and get into relationships with them. 

    You can do that with just regular DW of course but there is little reason for you to care about that as a player. Giving incentives to do that should create the fiction we find in the comic. 

  4. Eric Duncan I do have one, and ran it at Gen Con this year. It was a one shot, and was a great deal of fun. Even players who had never read the comic quickly got into the spirit of things, as I put quotes from each character on the sheet and brought the first issue so they could look through it.

    I do not plan on running it again anytime soon, though. I’m glad Stjepan is replacing Roc, but I’ll have to see where they go from now on before I’ll suggest it to anyone.

  5.  Tim Franzke I would think an NPC bonds system would pretty much cover it, otherwise the Rat Queens world so far appears to be almost vanilla DW. Hannah’s “black eyes” thing is a custom move and I’d build her (and Tizzie) as a Mage rather than a Wizard – the channelling and words of power seem to fit better with that class.

    Sarah Richardson are you willing to share the character sheets with us?

  6. Sarah Richardson Holy cow, I was about talk about how I played a Games on Demand game of Dungeon World with Rat Queens at GenCon this year and it was awesome.  I was one of the people who hadn’t read the comics, but the character sheets – especially the quotes – made it really easy to get into. 

  7. As an aside Violet’s recuperation scene could be modeled as a bonus to Death’s Door rolls from bonds with NPCs. If people want you to live, +1. Probably not per person, although if the whole town wants you to live that might justify +2.

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