13 thoughts on “What would be a good benefit for a Half Elven Wizard?”

  1. Cleric’s Detect Alignment as a cantrip is the obvious midpoint between Elf and Human moves for Wizard. Gives you information, which jibes with Detect Magic, and is not one of the things I’d usually pick up with a Human Wizard, so might be mildly balanced.

    Could just go ‘pick the Elf or Human move, your choice’, though.

  2. Half Elven move for Wizards: You learned a variety of tricks during your travels. Once per game session, you can lose a prepared spell to cast a spell of lower level.

    Dragonborn move for Druids: Hold 4 instead of 3 when you shift into a reptile.

  3. For the dragonborn druid you could approach it like elf druids:

    The Great Fire forever burns in your heart. In addition to any other attunements the Dragon Wastes are always considered your lands.

  4. I think with the wizard character and backstory it would make sense they would have bardic lore since there family taught them everything and they were very knowledgeable

  5. Why? I do’t think it breaks the game to much for the wizard to have that kind of move I found that my bard layers never really used it since the differet things you could choose were limited. Plus there isn’t another bard in this group

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